Keokuk Municipal Airport – Lindner Field
2504 340th St.
Keokuk, Iowa 52632
(319) 524-6203

If you have ever had an interest in flying, Lindner Aviation can offer you the training you need for how you want to fly:

Whether it is for pleasure or business, you can earn a Private Pilot License at the Keokuk Airport.  Enjoy the freedom of the sky or minimize time travel to improve efficiency.  In as little as 40 hours of flight time, you can get your license and have access to airports and rental aircraft all around the country.

Increase safety and flexibility with an Instrument Rating.  With 50 additional hours of training, an Instrument Rating can be added on to your pilot’s license.  This will allow you to fly through the clouds so even if the weather is not “severe clear,” you can get to your destination.

Lindner Aviation can also accommodate those who dream of flying as a career.  The 250 total hours needed to obtain a Commercial Pilots License will improve your precision as an aviator and build experience behind the yoke.  Get your Commercial Pilots License and be paid to fly! 

No matter your ambition, the training will be at your own pace and on your schedule.  Ground and flight instruction is one-on-one with your Certified Flight Instructor.  If you have an interest in becoming a pilot, stop by the Keokuk Airport and test drive an airplane on a Discovery Flight.  At a discount rate of $60/hour, you can be behind the yoke, flying the airplane, to see if aviation is right for you.

Call today! (319) 524-6203

Lindner Aviation trains in a Cessna 172.
Aircraft Rental: $115/hour* as of January 2014
Instruction: $35/hour*

*All rates subject to change.